Troop 230 uses ScoutBook to maintain records of all our scouts.

  • If you are new to ScoutBook, an account will be created for you when you turn in your application forms.
  • If you have an existing ScoutBook account from Cub Scouts or another Troop, contact the Troop Administrator Mr. Langley Ho for instructions on how to transfer and maintain your Scout’s records.

What you can do:

  1. Update your profile. This is a key source of contact details so please check if your email addresses and numbers are correct at the least.
  2. Review their logs for camping, service, and leadership. Some of them may not be up to date yet, but if there are glaring issues you can raise it with the Scoutbook administrators.
  3. Review their Advancement details. You can see how far they are in reaching the next rank. But remember that the Scout Handbook is still the primary record for their advancements and logs since they are signed by the ASMs! Having said that…
  4. Take photos or scans of your scout’s signed rank requirement pages! In case books or cards/forms are lost or get messed up, keep a copy for your files.

If you feel comfortable using ScoutBook by now, consider this: Do you want your Scouts to have access to their ScoutBook accounts? Only the linked parents/guardians can provide access to their scouts. When you edit their profile, scroll all the way down and click on “Invite [scout’s name] to connect”. They need their own email address in order to use it. Use this as an opportunity for them to be more accountable in keeping track of their progress.


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