Rank Advancement

It is the Scout’s responsibility to schedule a Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review when he has completed the requirements for rank advancement.

Scout Rank

A Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review are NOT required for this rank.  The Scout should turn in a copy of these pages from his Boy Scout Handbook to the scribes so that he can be recognized.

Scoutmaster Conference

The steps for a Scoutmaster Conference are as follows:

  1. The Scout should obtain a form for his rank to be completed at the Scoutmaster Conference from the scribe desk or he may print the appropriate form here.
  2. The Scout must have his Boy Scout Handbook, show up on time and be prepared for the Scoutmaster conference.  The Scout should bring his camping log and service hour log with him.  These logs can be printed from ScoutBook.  He should also bring copies of his leadership forms if leadership experience is required for his rank.
  3. The Scoutmaster of the troop conducts all Star, Life and Eagle conferences.  For other ranks, the Scoutmaster or ASM for the Scout’s Patrol will conduct the conference.  The Scout should contact the Scoutmaster or Patrol ASM by email or in person to schedule the meeting.
  4. For the rank of Life and Eagle, the scout is required to wear a Class A uniform.  For ranks below Life, a scout may wear either a Class A or B uniform.

Board of Review

Once a Scout has completed his Scoutmaster Conference, the last step for advancement is completing a Board of Review.  The steps for a Board of Review are as follows:

  1. Sign up for a Board of Review
  2. Bring his form from the Scoutmaster Conference.
  3. Bring his Boy Scout Handbook showing completion of all rank requirements.
  4. Bring the following forms printed from Scoutbook:
    • Boy Scout Individual History Report
    • Service log
    • Camping log
  5. Come dressed in full Class A uniform (sash, socks, belt, pants/shorts, etc).

Recognition for completion of rank will be made at the earliest troop meeting possible. Scouts are recognized again at a formal ceremony called Court of Honor.  Families are encouraged to attend all Courts of Honor.

Board of Review Forms


Adults needed for a Board of Review

When a Scout has completed all of the requirements for a rank, he must appear before a Board of Review (BOR).

All adults in the troop except for ASMs can participate in a Board of Review.   A minimum of three (3) adults is needed for each BOR.  Please remember adult participation is necessary for Scouts to advance.


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