Scout Leadership

The Patrol Method is one of the building blocks of scouting that fosters camaraderie and confidence as scouts are encouraged to take initiative to help each other grow and succeed together. New scouts are grouped into their own patrol/s for a year before being integrated into the regular patrols.

Troop 230 elects its Patrol Leader’ Council (PLC)  members twice a year to provide scouts opportunities to take on greater responsibilities in the troop.



  • Patrols:  Bobcats, Ravens, Sharks, Stags
  • New Scout Patrols:  Hippogriffs & Wolves



Training and Events

These are only some training options and resources that may be organized by the troop, or offered by the district or BSA. Several more can be found in the BSA and SHAC sites. Feel free to share more ideas that our scouts can participate in for their development.


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