Merit Badges

There are around 135 Merit Badges that a scout can earn while learning new skills, concepts and behaviors.  Things learned may shape future interests and affect career choices, fields of study, or areas of service.

Merit Badge sessions are offered at Summer Camps, Merit Badge Fairs, and many other locations around Houston.

Troop Merit Badge Fair 2022 – TBA

Merit Badge Announcements

How to start on a Merit Badge

To earn each Merit Badge, a scout must complete the list of requirements with the guidance of an approved Merit Badge Counselor.  To start a new merit badge, first log into Scoutbook.

  1. Click on your or your Scout’s name from the dashboard.
  2. Click on “Scout’s Advancement”.
  3. Click on “Start Another Merit Badge” and select the appropriate one. You may also open any incomplete merit badges on your list by clicking on them.  If you have not already completed the steps below for any incomplete merit badges, please do so.
  4. Contact one of your patrol ASMs to obtain approval to begin a merit badge.  They can help you choose an appropriate counselor and record their approval in your Scoutbook account and/or sign the front of your blue card.  You MUST do this step first whether you are working with a Merit Badge Counselor from our troop or attending a class elsewhere.
  5. Click on “Invite a Counselor” – chose an appropriate leader from the list or perform a search for their name.  Make sure to update that leader’s relationship to the Scout to include “Merit Badge Counselor” by clicking that option.  Then scroll down the screen and choose the appropriate merit badge and click update.  Please refer to the list of available counselors from within our troop.  Your leaders can assist with finding a Merit Badge Counselor from outside the troop if needed.  Troop List of Merit Badge Counselors
  6. Contact the Merit Badge Counselor to work thru the requirements. Either blue cards or electronic sign offs by your MB Counselor thru Scoutbook are acceptable to signify completion.  For those with partial blue cards and partial electronic signatures, a picture of the blue card may be posted in the notes section for the merit badge.  Electronic Blue Card if needed

Merit Badge sessions are offered at Summer Camps, Merit Badge Fairs, and many other locations around Houston.



  • If you are interested in becoming a Merit Badge Counselor or have questions about the program, contact Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator Mrs. Tiffany Mullin.

Merit Badge Class Offerings

(in alphabetical order)

This is a partial list of locations offering classes around the Katy and Houston area. Please share other sources if you know more. Review the details to participate in case you may need to bring your MB card, pay dues, do pre-work or post-work, or where there are no MB counselors who can sign off your MB card.

More information to follow

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