Summer Camp

Summer camp takes place in an official scouting campsite outside Texas, where there are a number of skills development and training provided to fulfill merit badge and advancement requirements. Parents are welcome to join since there will be available adult leadership training as well.

Summer Camp 2020

Camp Strake
Coldspring TX
Camp Alexander
Colorado Springs CO
June 7-13, 2020July 12-18, 2020
Mrs. Kim Gold
Mr. Oscar Rodriguez 
  • Fees: Initial payments are being collected, some of which may be recovered from Flag Program fees.
  • Forms: All participants are required to have updated  Medical Forms (A&B) plus Medical Form C.
  • Training selection: Scouts and adult leaders will be asked to select the courses they’d like to participate in. Please check when this comes and fill them in ASAP so that we can secure slots for our troop.

Previous summer camp locations

Potential summer campsites are shortlisted and voted on by the troop a year ahead to reserve the most ideal location and camp area.

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