Adult Leadership

“Boys learn from the example set by their adult leaders… An association with adults of high character is encouraged at this stage of a young man’s development.”

The Troop can only function with the guidance of adult leaders to run the Scouting Program. Parents, guardians and even adult scouts (18 years and above) are encouraged to help organize and run troop activities that will benefit our scouts.

Everyone who helps run Troop 230 smoothly and efficiently is a volunteer. If you are one of our volunteers, thank you! If you aren’t yet, we have a range of opportunities where you can pitch in — from camp outs, equipment checks, acting as a counselor for merit badge achievements, to organizing our troop records and scouting operations. Contact us if:

  • you would like to become an Assistant Scoutmaster and work directly on scout activities
  • you would like to become a Committee Member or Merit Badge Counselor and offer your expertise to help run the troop operations
  • you would like to recommend community and outreach opportunities with our troop.




Training and Events

These are only some training options and resources that may be organized by the troop, or offered by the district or BSA. Several more can be found in the BSA and SHAC sites. Feel free to share more ideas where our adult leaders can participate in for their development.


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