Flag Guidance

Guide for Scouts

For the Flag Program, the troop post flags on six holidays — Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day — as a service to the community and to the nation. This also serves as a fundraiser opportunity for scouts to cover their membership dues, camping fees, training, and other scout-related expenses that helps in their development.



Flag Administration: If you have any questions regarding new flag subscriptions, renewals or transfers, please contact Mr. Chris McAlee.

Flag Production: If you need new flags, pounders, sleeves, or caps or have any unused flags at home, please contact Mr. Chris McAlee.

Return torn or damaged flags to Scout House for proper retirement of flag.  Please inform Mr. Chris McAlee that you are returning a damaged/torn flag.

Guidelines for flying the Flag

Begin posting the flag the first holiday after you have collected subscription fees. Collect renewal fees before the start of the next calendar year, i.e. on the last Flag holiday of the year.

  • Download Flag Placement Instructions here
  • Post the flag at dawn, and take down by dusk.
  • Never let the flag touch the ground.
  • Flags can fly in the rain. Make sure to dry the flags before storing to prevent damage.
  • Safety reminder: Be careful when posting or retrieving flags during thunderstorms

Sending renewal letters

Each scout is responsible for printing and sending their own renewal letters. Download the Subscription/Renewal Form.

Ideas for timely renewals

  • Scout may collect flag money in person, wearing his Class A uniform
  • Scout may mail the renewals with self-addressed stamped envelopes.
  • Let customers know this is their last flag unless it is renewed.

After renewal or new subscription is received

Please return Flag money and cancelled subscription forms to the advancement window at Troop meetings as soon as possible.  Please write the Scout’s last name in the memo line of the customer’s check and paper-clip the check to the subscription form

Click here for information about the Flag Program

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