Our troop schedules weekend campouts every month during the school year, providing opportunities for scouts to hone their scouting skills and build camaraderie with their fellow scouts. Campsites for these are typically a 45-minute to 4-hour drive away from Katy, departing late Friday afternoon and returning by Sunday noon.

Summer camps are usually a week long, located out of state, and is planned months in advance. Click here for updates on Summer Camp 2018.

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Camping schedule 2018-2019

 September  Canoeing and Kayaking
 (Silsbee, East TX)
 November  Trail Biking camp out
 (Bluff Creek Ranch, Warda TX)
 December  Holiday camp out
 January  Webelos Woods camp out
 (Camp Brosig, Sealy TX)
 February  Hiking camp out
 March  Spring Camporee camp out
 (Camp Brosig, Sealy TX)
 April  Shooting Sports camp out 
 (Camp Bovay, Navasota TX)
 July  Summer Camp


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