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Georgetown Lake Basecamp

Date: Friday 4/29/2022 to Sunday 5/1/2022 We will meet up at Scout House at 5:00 pm on Friday. Basecamp: Primary basecamp activity: Texas State Capitol tour (Tours are free so no additional costs). The expectation is that all basecamp Scouts participate and attend the… Continue Reading “Georgetown Lake Basecamp”

Last Call for Summer Camp Registration!

This is last call for summer camp registration for both Camp Strake and Camp Alexander. If you want to attend but have not signed up, please do so now! There are still open slots for both camps, but we need to finalize our camp… Continue Reading “Last Call for Summer Camp Registration!”

2022 April Campout: Texas Skies District Camporee

The camporee is a weekend campout for troops. Patrols from different troops will compete in various competitions and be judged on leadership, teamwork, Scouting skills and Scout spirit. Scouts from different troops will come together for friendly competition! In addition, Scouts will have an… Continue Reading “2022 April Campout: Texas Skies District Camporee”

Summer Camp Signup!

Howdy Troop 230, If you are interested in attending summer camp this year, the time to sign up is now! We have two summer camp opportunities in the Summer of 2022. The local option is Camp Strake located in Coldspring, Texas (approx. 90 minutes… Continue Reading “Summer Camp Signup!”