Citizenship in Society Merit Badge

Citizenship in Society* (Ages 14-16 ONLY)   (Mrs. Williams)

Complete MB 

Outside of Class Work:  Read the full Citizenship in Society requirements. The bolded requirements must be done beforehand to be prepared.  It is suggested that you make notes for all requirements so that you have items to discuss.  This merit badge is based on discussion so please come prepared to speak about all requirements.

Requirement 1a – Must, in your own words, explain each of the 8 listed items.  Requirement 2a-b – Prepare research to share.  You may use additional sheets of paper because the workbook doesn’t have much writing space.  Requirement 4b-c – Prepare for scenarios b and c. Requirement 7 – Interview an individual OR research a historical figure.  Requirement 8 – Study an event and describe what you learned.

*Please bring printed filled-in merit badge workbook to class.

Print Merit Badge Workbooks here:

Adult Volunteers:  A minimum of 1 adult is need to stay for the class to provide 2 deep leadership.

Date: 11/13/2022 (Sun.)

Time: 9:00am – 11:30am CST

Location: Scout House

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