November Campout – MTB Campout – Bike Checks – Important!

A scout is prepared..

When it comes to enjoying the MTB campout, the best way is avoiding the experience of conducting bike repairs on the trail. We are very fortunate to have Mr. Beaman provide a great service to the Troop by running each bike through an inspection check/tune up.

The important part… Please do a little review yourself before bringing the bike to the scout house (You don’t need to have Mr. Beaman tell you that your tire is flat and needs a new tube..) so please take your bikes out and give them a check. If you can’t fix it at home and you need help bring the new components to scout house when your bike is being checked and we’ll help with this. Please see the date/patrol split below and remember to bring your bike on the assigned day. Don’t worry if you can’t make your assigned date, just turn up at one of the other ones.

17th Oct – Bobcats & Sharks
24th Oct – Stags & Radioactive Rams
31st Oct – Ravens & make up.

Bike Type: For those of you who haven’t been to BCR before it is an 8 mile loop of fully off-road trails. You need a mountain bike to enjoy it, its not super technical but a street bike or BMX will likely result in a lot of walking / pushing. The video below shows some of the highlights

Any questions please ask at the scout house!

Mr. Lyon

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