Flag Program Workshop

Flag Workshop is this Wednesday June 29th from 7-8 pm at the Scout House!

Thank you to those flag families that were able to attend last Monday’s flag program meeting.

The Prospective Customer spreadsheet is now live! Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-bZWlpDmT7AyFrwWGLeJ6TsEhZivxCYSgnip1nUI4d4/edit#gid=0

If you are interested in taking on an additional customer, just select your Scout’s name and let me know via t230flag@gmail.com. I will then pass on all known customer details (i.e. name, phone, email).

Please email me your flag pole count at t230flag@gmail.com and bring any surplus flags to the Scout House this Wednesday during the Flag Workshop.

We are still in the crazy season of flags, so please remember to hydrate, be safe and to keep your flag records as current as possible.

Thank you,
Chris McAlee

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