Safety Reminders

Sent to scouts, scouters and parents

Hello all

Safety of scouts and their families is paramount. The troop depends on the integrity of the scouts and their families to enable all our scouting activities by minimizing the risk of spreading the virus.

As we know, we’re not entirely over the pandemic with the recent spike of Covid cases around the country. Our troop has always referred to the Katy ISD policy on safe practices. You can read them here. We also check on the BSA, church, state and county guidance for reference. 

Everyone has different personal circumstances when dealing with this situation. This is a reminder to all when we do our troop activities:

  • Respect those who choose to wear masks and social distance. 
  • Carpooling to troop activities and campouts are at the discretion of the parents of the scouts.

If there are any instances where you feel uncomfortable safety-related or otherwise, please immediately approach ASMs or adult leaders present, or send me feedback afterwards.

If anyone has health concerns after attending a troop activity, please contact me directly as well.

Thank you for helping keep us all safe and healthy!

Jenny Singson
Troop 230 Committee Chair

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