Troop 230 – Recharter 2022 + New in Flags

Hello everyone

We are beginning our RECHARTER process for 2022. Please check the info on our website. EVERYONE needs to respond to our recharter survey, whether you are rejoining or not. I have added more Q&As below this note about recharter. If you have questions or need to check your membership/application status, please contact Silvia Osuña-Valadez, our Membership Coordinator

FLAG subscriptions can be renewed starting on Veterans Day, Nov 11th. We announced this week that we are changing the flag income split. Starting 2022, the annual subscription cost remains the same at $36 for the year ($6 per holiday). From that, the scout earns $30 ($5 per holiday), and the troop receives $6 ($1 per holiday). This is a $10-increase of fundraising for the scout. We have several routes available. If interested to start one, please contact Mark Wrzyszczynski, our Flag Coordinator

For info, your SCOUT ACCOUNT balances can be viewed in your scout’s profile on Scoutbook.

Remember that NEW SCOUT ADVENTURE DAY is tomorrow, Oct. 30th from 12-2pm. Feel free to invite other cub scouts and interested families to get to know our troop better. And BIRDIES FOR THE BRAVES flag placing is this weekend, starting this afternoon.

Thank you for all your amazing support for our troop!

Jenny Singson
Troop 230 Committee Chair
Mob. (713) 855-1296


What’s a Recharter?
It’s the annual renewal of your scouting membership to keep your scout and your status current.

Who needs to Recharter?
All scouts who want to keep being scouts.
All adult leaders who want to remain registered.
All adults who are not yet registered but would want to be in 2022. (Note that to join any weekend or summer campouts, you need to be registered).

Do I need to fill in a new application?
If your scout is registered with the troop already, no need.
If you are not registered, you have to submit application forms.
If you MISS the recharter deadlines, you will have to submit new application forms. (Yes, this has happened where we drop scouts when the parents forget to respond.)

When should I respond?
Respond to the recharter survey form by November 15th.
Payments should be received by December 6th. If you need to make special arrangements, please contact me.

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