Mountain Biking Campout – Two quick points

Just a quick email to mention two points:

Contents of the day pack: The following are recommended for each scout to have; 
1) spare tube, 
2) puncture repair kit, 
3) hand pump, 
4) tire levers, 
5) bike multitool, 
6) personal first aid kit, 
7) Spare Nalgene of water. 

The most important is the spare tube (that fits your bike) but most people will assume when mountain biking that you’ve got these in your pack.. If you don’t have all of these, please consider getting them or at least commit to ride with someone (fathers or other scouts) that does have these and is willing to let you borrow them if needed. 

Bike Checks are starting tomorrow: As mentioned in the previous e-mail, Mr. Beaman is very kindly giving up his evening to perform the bike checks starting tomorrow (18th) with the Bobcats and Hippogriffs. If your assigned date doesn’t work then please bring your bike tomorrow to the scout house. 


Mr. Stephen Lyon, ASM

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