Nov Campout – Mountain Biking

Good Morning Troop,

A few important points about the November Mountain Bike Campout, if you are planning to attend please take not of the points / information below and action where required:


No helmet = no riding. This is fairly obvious and strictly enforced. I also wear eye glasses and riding gloves. BCR is a working ranch with Longhorns that are in the fields, biggest risk there is random cowpats on the trails… It is the Texas hill country, so snakes, spiders, scorpions and everything else that we’d expect in our countryside.


Currently there are 21 signed up… If you haven’t signed up, please do so early as it really helps with the planning and logistics. The SUG link is below for any folk who want to join in the fun. Also we will need with volunteers for Grub-masters and trailer towing.


Everyone, including Adults who aren’t riding, need to complete the online Waiver. There’s separate waivers for Adults and Youths and these are on the same link, just scroll down for the Youth one on the link.

Bike Transportation

In pre-Covid years we’ve hired a trailer to transport the bikes. Given the low numbers that have signed up and the likelihood that the parents are coming, at this time we are not planning to incur this expense. IN short, we are bringing our own bikes to the campout. If this is a problem or is a make or break for attendance, please reach out and we’ll work with you to figure out a way to get your bike to the campout.

Bike Checks

To ensure that we all get the most from the weekend and avoid the experience of having to perform bike repairs on the trail, Mr. Beaman does a tremendous service to the Troop by running each bike through an inspection check/tune up. This happens on the Monday’s in the run up to the campout, with different patrols assigned to different days to ensure that the numbers are even. The important part… Please take your bikes out if you haven’t ridden them in a while and if you need new tires, tubes, etc, go get them now. If you can’t fix it at home and you need help bring the new components to scout house when your bike is being checked and we’ll help with this. Please see the date/patrol split below and remember to bring your bike on the assigned day. Don’t worry if you can’t make your assigned date, just turn up at one of the other ones.
18th Oct – Bobcats, Hippogriffs
25th Oct – Ravens, Shark Patrols
1st Nov – Stags and Wolves

Bike Type

For those of you who haven’t been to BCR before it is an 8 mile loop of fully off-road trails. You need a mountain bike to enjoy it, its not super technical but a street bike or BMX will likely result in a lot of walking / pushing. The video below shows some of the highlights


Please, please, please ensure your scout can carry enough water for 2 hrs. Camel-bak type packs are ideal, proper bike water bottles are good too (these need to be properly mounted.. a typical plastic water bottle that you get in a case of water will last about 30 seconds before falling off.) Alternative is Nalgene or 2 and some Gatorade in a backpack.

I spent yesterday morning at BCR knocking out a few laps; the trails were immaculate and can’t wait for this campout. Unfortunately I’m out of the country fro a while in the lead up to this one; but there’s some great ASMs that can assist with questions and getting things ready for the campout in my absence. Happy to respond to any questions and provide additional details in the meantime.

Mr. Stephen Lyon, ASM

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